What Kind of Peanuts?

*Disclaimer:  Those of you who know me will probably just laugh and shake your heads.  Those of you who don't know me may wonder why I'm allowed to homeschool my children...  

I met Nate in college. It was my sophomore year and his junior year.  We were both living on campus in separate dorms. We liked each other a lot and tried our best to eat lunch together every single day.

It was one of those daily "lunch dates", when I finally questioned aloud the little yellow sign taped to the front of the cafeteria window.

The sign said, "May Contain Peanuts".

Now, any normal person would know the sign's purpose. But I am not normal. Nor am I all that bright at times.

I turned to Nate and said, "What exactly is a May Contain Peanut?"

He turned to me and stared.  Crickets chirped.

Somehow, he overlooked my ridiculous question and eventually married me. I think he was secretly impressed that I could think outside of the box...

Or he felt sorry for me.

Either way, I'm glad he didn't make too much fun of me, unless you count the time that he took that little yellow sign from the cafeteria and taped it to my door. Thief.

Moral of the story? If you can't understand a sign, don't ask. Just forget about it.

I love this man!


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