Sweet baby!

Gets into everything!

Who needs any toys when you have a box?

 Cheering on Tommy at the soccer field.

Those cheeks, that smile, those hands...I want to eat him up!
He's delightful!


My dad started running marathons when he was 60!  He's an inspiration!  He's even gotten my hubby and boys to join him in different 5K races.  Here's a picture from one that they all ran together.  
Great memories!

Running with Grandpa Buddy for Hope Water Project (picture credit...not me)


Tommy is quite the funny kid.  He's always making us laugh.  There was one time (okay, a lot of times) I kept calling him one of his brothers' names instead of his own (you know how it goes if you have more than one kid...the right name doesn't always come out at the right time) so to fix the situation, he made himself a name tag.  "There mom.  Now you can read it and know who I am."  Hahaha!  He cracks us up almost daily!

He also likes to dress up.  One of his most unique costumes was this combination:

Slicked back hair, light saber in his pants, spinning wheels, and a hanger stuffed in the back of his shirt...just in case.

He's my current window washer on house cleaning days (usually Fridays).  Someday I even hope he will be a proficient window washer.  Until then, he will keep practicing.  ;)  He is at the age where he wants to be my helper..."Can I help you wash windows?" (when I'm trying to actually wash them) or "Can I help you bake that?!"  He is eager and so sweet.  He loves "being big" with his older brothers, but he also loves snuggling up on the couch with me, telling me how much he loves me and wants to kiss my cheeks.  Six is a darling age.

He's becoming such a good reader.  He seems to catch onto his schoolwork quickly.  He's not always eager to do his schoolwork, but it makes it more palatable for him that I work one-on-one with him for about an hour.

He started soccer this Fall and really liked it.  He will play again in the Spring.  It was adorable to watch his huge smile every time he got out on the field.  He says he's going to play soccer "forever."  We'll see...  ;)

I'll end with something funny he said not too long ago.

He walked into church on a Sunday morning and was greeted by a friend of ours who said, "Good morning, Tommy!  Are you going to be a good boy in Sunday School today?"  Tommy didn't even hesitate as he shrugged his shoulders and replied,
"Only God knows."
That's our Tommy.

We love you, goofy kid!

Our First Kittens!

We had mice in our barn, so we thought it would be a good idea to get some cats to kill the mice.  We brought home two cats from a local farm, and one of the cats had babies the next morning!  
I loved watching that mama nurse those babies.  The way they would snuggle into her and she would lay there purring contentedly, licking them occasionally.  Nothing else in the world mattered at that moment except a mama nourishing her little ones with gentleness and warmth.  
I know that feeling, and I love it. 

Not that I'm a cat...just clarifying.

Me with my "kittens" - Nate snapped this picture after I sat down and they all had to crowd around me to tell me things.  :)

Spring/Summer 2016 Fun!

We thoroughly enjoyed this Spring and Summer.  We went to the zoo, on day trips, camping, hung out by our pool and got to know the horses at the farm next door.  It was full and it was fun.

Cool dudes

At the zoo!

Horses and cute buns

One of our favorite after-church pastimes in the Summer.  Walking along Grand Haven Pier and stopping for ice cream.

My birthday "day out".  We saw a beautiful house.  I am a house junkie.  I am fascinated by intricate architecture and pondering how people used to and still do live in their spaces.

We also walked along the water in Saugatuck.

My hubby and me in Saugatuck for my birthday "day out"

For our family camping trip this year, we went to the UP.  This anchor is at Soo Locks, Sault Ste. Marie, MI

Youngest and oldest.  Sweet kids!

Pictured Rocks Cruise.  Love these two boys and how much they love each other!

Tahquamenon Falls

Taking selfies by the falls.

Lake Superior with my oldest boy

Lydia and mama, spending time together after nursing Gerrit in the church nursing room.  She went through a phase of never wanting to go to class (as in scream-bloody-murder- when-we-dropped-her-off-every-single-time-no-matter-the-consequences), so we finally decided to let her be with me in class or in the nursing room during class and she eventually grew out of it.  She now loves going to her church class.  I just remembered how long that phase felt from looking at this picture.  Phases come and phases go pretty quickly, but it never seems to pass quickly when you're going through it.  :)

Our new-to-us playground

Cute babies!

TV at the Dr. office. Totally immersed.

cute baby!

A talent show at a summer festival

Enjoying the horses

Enjoying the sun!  Can't wait for that again!  (Little miss sassy in the background)


God's creation displaying its beauty while camping in Ludington

This picture cracks me up!  They are so dirty, their faces are brown!  They LOVE camping!

Getting ice cream on our Ludington camping trip!

Gerrit.  You are such a delightful child.  You make me smile every single day!

Love our camping adventures with friends

My crazy Tommy and his "camping hair"

More camping hair from Matthew Bud!

Like father, Like son.  Nate and Jonny in Ludington watching the Badger come in.

Carrying the cat, whether she wants to be carried or not.  Lydia you make us laugh!

His drink of choice.  ;)

Walking in a friend's campaign parade.  Go Matt!

Learning about our nation's history at an event after the parade

More of that hands on learning stuff.


Sometimes he loved his playpen by the pool and sometimes...not.  But at least it saved his life multiple times.  I LOVE that thing.

These curls are just the best!

Sweet girl!

See kids, I am fun.  ;)  Jumping off the pier in Holland

Holland Beach

This view.  Ahh...Can't wait for this again!

I have a large picture of this to hang in Lydia's room.  I love it.  Her facial expression, her hair, the way the skirt is blowing in the breeze, "Bully" who always bites and pulls on the fence.  Perfection.

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