End of Summer Picture Post

Summer 2015 is winding down.

Jonny is trying out football this year.  He's enjoying it!


Lost another tooth.  He's so adorable without any front teeth.  I think, when I look back at him as a child, I'll remember him like this.  Freckly and toothless with a huge grin.  :)

Diaper rash cream should never have been invented.  But since it was invented, I'm glad that Dawn Dish soap has also been invented to assist mothers of 2 year olds.

Lydia fell asleep on Daddy while on a pontoon we rented while camping.

The girls

Snuggles while camping

This little pirate girl...she's a hoot!

And our oldest.  6th grade this year!  She's growing up fast!

We are enjoying the last days of Summer, but also looking forward to starting up another homeschool year.  We will start our lessons at home on Tuesday, and Classical Conversations starts on Thursday! 

Bring it on!


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