Things Said...

Me:  "That's a Ford symbol, I think."
Jonny:  "No, it's Chevy.  I watch football.  I know."
Emilia:  "Chevy runs deep."

Matthew (wanting to get up from a time out): "Mom! I'll be as good as a mouse if I can get up!"
Me: "We kill mice."
(much laughter and squeaking ensues...)

Jonny (at dinner):  "Please pass the gluten."

Emilia:  "Mom, you'd better make the right decision because I'm watching you and learning from you.  If you make the wrong decision, I may grow up and make wrong decisions too."  (Talk about pressure, SHEESH!)

Tommy (2) said in a robot sort of voice:  "I a wo-bot."

I prepped my children before they entered the antique store: "Under NO circumstances are you to be touching anything." Jonny replies: "What if my arm ACCIDENTALLY flings out (insert enthusiastic fling of his arm) and touches something?"  After some laughter..."There will be NO accidental flinging of arms."

Emilia has classical music on.  She's a butterfly and is trying to convince Matthew to be a moth.  He does not want to be a moth.  "You could be a bee," I say, "bees sting."  Thinking this will be better than a boring moth.  He's grumpy.  "I don't want to be a bee.  I want to be a bug that kills things."  Well...okay then.

Just read in my journal yesterday:  Back in 2011 I wrote down three funny things the kids said (in a row) when I was putting them to bed one evening:

I'm climbing up the bunk bed ladder when Matthew, with a big smile showing he's very proud of his thoughtfulness says, "Mom, I moved WAY over and made this enormous space for you because you are enormous!"

Jonny likes me to tell him stories about when I got hurt.  I was telling him about how I was doing back handsprings in gymnastics when I was in high school.  As I was doing them, I broke my arm.  Then I had to have surgery.  The dr. put a plate and six screws on my bone to keep it straight.  I lift up my sleeve to show him my scar.  He's quietly serious as he says, "Does dad know about this?"  "Yes," I answer.  His face shows how horrified he is by the whole thing when he asks, "Did you tell him at the wedding?"  Pretty sure he thought Nate wouldn't have married me had he known!

And finally, I make my way to Emilia's room.  As we're talking, the discussion of different languages comes up.  "Do you want to learn Spanish?"  "No," she replies.  I mention, "I think it would be a good idea."  "Why? Because of the slavery?" ...........................I have no idea.

Ahhh...our kids provide so much laughter!






Nine weeks into this pregnancy and I'm craving lots of avocados and marinated artichoke hearts.

That pretty much sums it up.


Unless you count the craving for hash browns from McDonald's.

And fried potatoes after dinner one night, of which I made, ate a large helping, and promptly felt ill.

Or, I suppose, if you count my desire for fizzy drinks, Cranberry Sierra Mist and Coke being particular favorites.

Or the garlic infused olives and Greek salads.

Oh yeah, and pizza.  

Anyway, if I keep eating throughout the day, I'm less likely to feel weak or sick (although it's not always a full-proof method).

So, eat I do.  A lot. 

Pass the salt, garlic, and oils. 

I've got a post up today on the Hip Homeschool Moms site called, Homeschooling Even When You Don't Feel Like It.  Honestly, I keep having pep talks with myself (and Nate) to continue homeschooling right now because I feel sick most of the time.  Not much of anything is getting done.  This too shall pass, but in the meantime I'm very thankful that the kids go to school on Wednesdays and for my friends and moms who've been helping me out.  I am blessed.


Grocery Store Ponderings

I've got a post up today over at Heart of the Matter Online if you care to take a look. 

Off to make something to eat.  These cravings...


Update on "Feeling"

Still feeling sick.  Tired.  Weak.

I have no really cool, sick looking picture to post as in the post before this one.

And I'm still thankful, but I'm mostly just feeling ill, which is why I haven't been on here much lately.

I'm sure I'll be back to posting more regularly someday...give me a month or so.

Until then (but hopefully sooner),

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