Listening and Learning

Home on Sunday with a sick baby, I am able to listen to and read the words of Pastor John Piper.

Thought I'd share the sermons that the Lord used to speak to me today:

The following words are from the last sermon that you have to read (the first two are auditory):

"Some of our decisions are governed by explicit biblical commands—thou shalt not commit adultery! But most of our decisions in life are an effort to apply biblical principles to situations that the Bible does not deal with explicitly. And the problem is that we often differ on how to do this. Matthew Henry calls these issues "points of prudence." Listen to his wise and sober words:
Even those that are united to one and the same Jesus, and sanctified by one and the same Spirit, have different apprehensions, different opinions, different views, and different sentiments in points of prudence. It will be so while we are in this state of darkness and imperfection; we shall never be all of a mind till we come to heaven, where light and love are perfect. (Commentary, vol. 6, p. 200"
"The point here is simply this: most of our life and ministry is made up of those kinds of decisions—the application of biblical principles to situations not explicitly dealt with in the Bible. And therefore complete agreement in these areas will not happen in the body of Christ until we no longer see through a glass darkly. And I suggest that we not too quickly assume that our different strategies for Christ are a bad thing." 
"Is it not a beautiful and encouraging thing that at the beginning of Paul's Christian life when no one would take a risk on his behalf, Barnabas came forward and saved him for the cause of Christ; but many years later, when Barnabas was falling away from the truth, Paul came forward and saved him for the cause? These men needed each other's different strengths."  
"Past experiences and past usefulness are no guarantee of future obedience. The Christian life is a race to be run and finished, a fight to be fought and won, and a faith to be kept to the end. There is no place for coasting or drifting."  

Such wisdom in these three sermons.

Listen, read, and be encouraged in your journey of faith with the One and Only God.


Who Knew? Certainly Not Me...

Who knew, 12.5 years ago, when this picture was taken

that I'd spend many mornings sitting on our couch looking at this same picture, thanking God for that faithful man, while holding our babies.  Most recently, this sweet little girl. 
Our 5th.

I used to say that I only wanted 3 or 4 kids.  Hurts my heart that if I had gotten what my younger self thought I wanted...I would have missed having her.

And, who knew that I'd be pregnant with our 6th?  
Glad to be getting over the first trimester awfulness when the most common thing that comes out of my mouth - besides puke - is "this is our LAST child!"
I think I said that (over and over again) in at least three of our pregnancies.

This was taken a couple weeks ago at 11 weeks pregnant.  I am currently 13.5 weeks along.

I never would have guessed that we'd have 5, soon to be 6 kids (Lord willing). 
The year that Nate and I were engaged, I did my student teaching in a 2nd grade classroom.  There was a cute little red-headed boy in the class who had 5 siblings.  My mouth about hit the floor.  A family of 6 kids?!  "What's that like having so many siblings?!" I asked the boy who just shrugged and went off to play.  No big deal to him, but it totally rocked my thought process about the size of a family.  I had two brothers.  Three seemed normal.  Six seemed...so not normal.
I also never would have guessed that we'd homeschool.  

Me?  A homeschool mom?  Not on your life!  I was a huge public school advocate.  I went to public school, I taught at public school, my kids were definitely going to public school... (I still have a fondness in my heart for public school) 
Homeschool?  Craziness, I'd tell you.

6 kids and homeschooling...
It's a craziness that I'm happy the Lord didn't reveal to me when He knew I couldn't handle the thought of it.
It's a craziness that I'm so happy he saw fit to give us a little at a time.

Who knew?

Only God.
And I bet He chuckled at the thought of it when Nate and I were getting married 12.5 years ago.

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