Survival and Thankfulness

Right now, I'm in survival mode.

I shared a prayer request in church on Sunday.  Prayers for my sickly, tired, first-trimester self.

And...I cried.

That was embarrassing.
Probably more for my husband than myself, but at least he just HEARD about it because he was walking the church halls with our fussy, teething toddler.

But I guess it was good that I made a crying mess of myself because somehow crying lets everyone know that you're serious.

I know that this first trimester isn't going to last super long (even if it feels like it), and I know that we CHOSE to homeschool (even if I think we're crazy at times), and I know that we CHOSE to have our 6th child (holy cow), and I know that we CHOSE to...well...want to eat and sleep and live in a semi-clean house (that seems reasonable in this list of maybe not-so-"reasonable" things), but it sure is nice when people rally around you and say,
"What can I do?"
"Can I take your kids for awhile?"

"Can I bring you a meal?" 

 "Can I take your daughter to and from ballet for awhile?"  

"Just call me!  I can help!"

I am not alone, even when I feel desperate.

Thanks to my husband, who works so hard and then gets home and works so hard some more.

Thanks to my kids, who have been so helpful with cleaning, and making food, and taking care of their younger siblings.

And Thank You to those who are helping me during this time.
 The body of Christ, the Church, is a wonderful blessing.
Such a gift from our LORD!

Camping with Friends July 2014

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