We're hanging around the house this week trying to get over a flu bug that just won't leave.

Poor Matthew.  He was the first to get it and now has it again three days later.  
The baby has also been throwing up at random times.  
Thankfully both are sleeping right now.

The others are busy making various messes...

while I read to them.

It's been a slow, quiet sort of day for us.
Praying Matthew and baby get well soon! 



Homeschool Happenings - March

Some things that we've been doing in March...

All About Spelling - Lydia wants to join in on the fun!

Kids doing their daily chores

Nate made up a daily and weekly chore chart for our family (not Tommy or Lydia).  I think he was tired of my text messages saying, "I need a cleaning lady!!!"  ha!

We've been doing these specific charts for a month and it has been fabulous!  Although, it does take a long time to train the kids to properly do these chores, it's been worth it.

We took a field trip to the Water Treatment Plant

Emilia finally finished her painting for our basement.  It looks fabulous!

Matthew loves to make lego creations.

Lydia and Tommy bonding.  :)

Sweet baby face.

She's into making messes.

Outdoor fun - enjoying the Spring weather

We went to the dinosaur exhibit at the public museum.

They also had a LEGO exhibit.  Tommy (3 years old - not in this picture) crawled under this railing and touched this tall tower.  Thankfully, Emilia turned around just in time to scream, "NO!" so that we didn't have a toppling tower.  Good grief.

Another field trip, this time to the police station with our homeschool group.  (A friend, Tommy and Jonny)

Tommy and Matthew

Lydia and Emilia

Lydia's little friend at the field trip.  They are so cute!

The only time that moms are happily taking pictures of their children in handcuffs...

An afternoon at our house

Emilia has been teaching herself the recorder and piano.

A friend taught Nate how to make lattes and even gave us this cool machine - so nice!  And so yummy!

Couldn't resist ending with this picture of these two wonderful people.  My handsome hubby and pretty baby girl.  I am thankful for the family God has graciously given me!


Lydia's First Tea Party

Emilia thought it was high time that Lydia had her first tea party.

This was a very funny tea party.

They had a fabulous time.  Even if all Lydia did was eat the cup.  :)


Emilia's Duct Tape Purse - Craft

Recently, Confessions of a Homeschooler posted a video about how to make a Duct Tape purse.
Knowing Emilia loves crafts, I let her watch the video and go to town.  
Here's her creation:

Super easy and very cute!

Thanks, Erica and Strawberry Shortcake for the fun idea.  :)


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