Too funny! (and true...)

I'm not on Facebook anymore, so when I occasionally have the feeling of "I just have to share this!" I usually just have to let it slide.  

But THIS...

It was too good not to share.  

I think that the advice shared in this post, coupled with showing our children how to serve others by serving our families, is great.


First Day of Homeschool 2014/2015

On Tuesday we started our 6th year of Homeschooling!

Oops...he forgot to add "1st Grade" to his paper

Tommy...   ;)

These are the books I chose to start the morning.  After reading through a part of each of these, we moved on to individual subjects.

This artist study is pretty cool.  It's from Simply Charlotte Mason.

We ended our first day of homeschool the same way we have for a couple of years now...by eating ice cream and heading to the (empty) park!  

Our first day went really well.  The next days haven't been as great.  Lydia has some sort of sickness and it's keeping her and I awake at night.  She's also pretty fussy during the days and wants to be held a lot.

Such is the life of a homeschooling family!
Trying to roll with it,

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My Baby is 1!

Lydia shared (and will share) her birthday celebration with my oldest brother's daughter, Sophia.

They were born a little over 2 weeks apart.

What precious babies!

Happy Birthday Lydia and Sophia!


Blog for Girls

My oldest daughter wanted to find a Christian magazine for girls her age, but didn't find what she was looking for.  
So, we decided that she could practice some great writing, computer, and photography skills by starting her own blog, kind of like an online magazine, geared toward providing girls her age with fun activities and fascinating things to learn.

Head on over to Emilia Christine to see what it's all about!


11 Months of Cuteness

Thanks to my Mom-in-law, I have some adorable pictures of this sweet baby.

Oh my...I just love these kids that the Lord has given us!


Recently Celebrated...

 12 Years of marriage to my best friend.


And now...

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