Very tired.  Sick.  Weak...

But most of all...

Thankful to the Lord for this new little one growing inside of me! 

Most likely due at the end of July.  :)



Sickness and a Thanksgiving Party

We've been sick over here.  Well, not Nate or me (I'm coughing like a maniac, but that's beside the point because I feel fine), but the kids (see them lying all around the living room?).  Tommy got it first and then the older boys and finally Emilia.  Thankfully Tommy was completely over it (after one whole week of sickness) when the other three got it.  They are on days 4 and 5 of a (possibly) one week sickness.   Long lasting fevers, hacking coughs, snotty noses, sore throats, and overall weakness.

I've got my command center going on.  It's been pretty handy. 

It's been an interesting, but (actually) fun couple of weeks since we really can't go anywhere or have anyone over.  As soon as the Ibuprofen kicks into their system, we have a good 5 hours or so of time to do a lot of reading and learning and playing of games.  Emilia asks, "How much time do I have until I start feeling sick again?  Better take a shower/do some math/play this game before the medicine wears off."  (We've watched a lot of Netflix and movies as well, but that's mostly after the Ibuprofen stops working and nothing else sounds fun...or when I have no other ideas.)

Jonny was pretty bummed today because he wasn't going to be able to go to his Thanksgiving party for Wednesday school.  I had volunteered to run the games and the craft, so I passed on the information to his teacher and decided we needed to have our own little party at home.

We made a craft that my sister-in-law found on Pinterest.  Thanks Juliet!  :) 

Look at those smiles!  You'd never know anyone was sick.  Ibuprofen, I tell you.  How did moms ever live without it?  ;)

We also played two games that you can read about here and here.  Then we skipped ahead a couple lessons in The Mystery of History so we could read about the Pilgrims and then about Squanto.  

Although it's no fun to be sick (and this has proven to be one nasty virus), we've had some good family time.  Here are some precious cards the boys wrote to each other.  Matthew (yellow paper) obviously asked for some spelling help, but it was their own idea to send each other "get well" cards.  Sweet brothers.

Hoping your family is well...or gets well soon!

Hey, this is my 200th post!  I should celebrate.  ;)

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Boys and Girls

Sometimes, while the boys are...

The house is nice and quiet, which means the girls are...


Secrets, Reading, and Fire

Happy Fall, everyone!  Doesn't a house full of candles smell so good and look so pretty?  Ahhh... 

Today, I'm over at Shannon's blog, Tiny Paragraphs, where I share a little secret that allows me to have more time and patience...  :)

I also have another post up today at Heart of the Matter with some tips that I've used to help my children learn how to read.  In that post, I've included a silly little story I wrote about a pink pig and a princess.  You can read it with your children if you want.  This story is in need of some pictures, so if your child is artistically inclined, maybe they could draw some pictures to go with it?  I'd love to see them if you'd like to share!

I hope you enjoyed your day today.  We did!

We started the day off on at field trip at the fire station with our homeschool group.  I volunteered to try on the fire fighter's coat, but was tricked into trying on the whole gear.  That is one heavy outfit!  You have to be in pretty good shape to be a firefighter.  I, clearly, am not.  My back is twinging a bit from that burdensome, but life saving, oxygen tank.  Thank you to all the firefighters out there!  I appreciate the work you do!

Thanks, Mandi, for the pic!

Then we came home and got in a full day of school.  That always feels good. 

A little color-coordinated paper plate clock that I made for Jonny as he learns how to tell time the "old fashioned" way.

For dinner we made a fire and roasted hotdogs rolled in croissants.  We also ate cheese curls, marshmallows, and candy.  Super healthy.  The kids thought it was the best idea ever.

This evening our family played a rousing game of Rummikub (I do so like that game) and then watched about 20 minutes of something on Netflix about wild cats.  It was very interesting.  I plan on watching more of the 3+ hour movie (!!!) with the kids in the future.  We'll call it "school".

I hope your day was happily filled with accomplishments, big or small, and...candles.  :)

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!

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