Camping at "Senior Zoo"

We went to Holland, MI for our camping trip.

We had no idea that it was "Senior Beach Week"

And I'm not talking about the "65 and older crowd".

18 year olds were everywhere.

I didn't think there were any adults in the whole campground.

I only saw teenagers.  Lots of them.
After pulling into our campsite and seeing a sign right behind our trailer that said,


We decided it would be best if we found another site.

They graciously accommodated our request, and we moved to a site closer to the other type of seniors.  ;)
While we enjoyed our quieter site, we were able to observe the behaviors of this strange species called "Seniors".  
They were swarming.  They were smoking.  They walked in herds back and forth.

The kids kept pointing and saying things like,

"Look!  There's another high schooler!"


"Wow!  There are lots of them!"


"Why are they so active at night?"


"So, do all high school boys pick a high school girl, hold hands, and take a walk?  Is that what they do?"

We were at "Senior Zoo."

It became a hilarious joke.

We had a fabulous time together as a family.

It was definitely a trip to remember.  Probably one that we'll bring up for years to come, especially when our own kids become...



Spray Painting Some Furniture

I've been wanting to paint this desk (bought at a garage sale for $5) for a long time, especially since I switched out my white couch cover for a dark brown one (brown is SO much more practical when you have kids).  However, now that the couch is so dark, I don't like the idea of having brown accent furniture.  So, I figured it was time to bite the bullet and paint the old thing.

The kids had to help - of course.  ;)


I used Valspar paint and primer in one - white with a satin finish.  I didn't even have to sand the furniture.  I just wiped off the dust and started spraying.  Quick and easy!  Hope it lasts...  ;)

After using 2 cans of white (I should have bought 3 because it needed more) and one can of clear coat to cover it, here's the completed project! 

I also painted a metal paper holder (?) thing that I found at a garage sale for $1.  It was plain gray in color, so I sprayed it with some left over aqua spray paint and sanded down the edges. 
I'm so happy with it!  It's storing curriculum in my living room.

The knobs are from World Market.

 We're happy with the results!



Looking Back at Our House Improvements - Before and After

Wow!  I was just sent these pictures from when we first bought our house.  So fun to see all the changes we've made over the almost 5 years we've lived here.  It also makes me remember all the hard work we've put into this place!  I'm just glad we don't have to go back in time to do it all over again!!!

 Front of our house:  Before

Front of our house:  After

Kitchen:  Before (Blue carpet and closed off from dining room)

Kitchen:  After (wood floors and open to dining room)

Other side of kitchen: After

Living Room:  Before (Closed off from Dining Room)

Living Room:  After (Open to Dining Room)

Dining Room:  Before

Dining Room:  After

Backyard:  Before

Backyard:  After (land cleared)

Lots of memories made while making this house our own!

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