Shopping with my Posse

Went to Costco the other day.

I was waiting in line and happened to see a mom with her two little girls and their grandma.  The adults were dressed as if they belonged to a prestigious golf club, and the adorable girls (both sitting in the cart, perfectly behaved) were dressed in the latest boutique clothes with matching hair accessories.  
They were the image of controlled perfection.

And then there was...us.

My hair in a messy bun with a large belly and (I'm sure) some sort of stain on that large belly.

My crazy, curly haired little girl who likes to make her siblings laugh.

Three energy filled boys.

A giggling pre-teen.
And two carts.

I perspired through the line, and we all made it back to the Monster Marshmallow (the affectionate name for our new-to-us 15 passenger van) in one piece.  

I loaded the two carts worth of stuff into the enormous vehicle and lugged my large self into the driver's seat.

Looking in the mirror, I realized I had a booger in my nose.

My thoughts went back to the golf club family, and I laughed at the juxtaposition.
Then I thought...
I'd rather have this.
Big belly, messy hair, wildness and all (except, maybe, the booger.)

This is my joy-filled life.

And I am thankful!

A Walk in the Park...Big Belly and All

I am currently 38.5 weeks along.

Feeling large and uncomfortable.
I'm ready to meet this little guy!

Knowing that there are only 3.5 weeks that I can possibly still be pregnant is comforting.  
(I am due on July 11, but my Dr. will induce if I am 14 days over, as I was with our fifth.)

 There IS an end in sight!  (Even if I can barely see my toes when I look down ;) )  

I won't be pregnant forever!  Yay!



Beginning of Summer 2015

Enjoying Summer...

Finishing math workbooks

We have another lawn mower this year!!!

He's doing well!

Enjoying time with Grandma and Papa

Nate's Grandma

Our new ride...  :)

This is how we roll...about as long as a semi

In Frankenmuth with my parents - happened to show up on "Dog Bowl" day.  Who knew such a thing existed?!

Grandpa Buddy (my dad) with Lydia

Going through the Frankenmuth museum

Photo bomber...

Mud is so...fun...

Breakfast picnic

Field Day 2015 with our homeschool group

Enjoying our friends' new house!            

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