A Homeschool Day in Our House

Here are a few pictures from a recent homeschooling day in our house.  I didn't catch each child doing each subject, but you get the idea.  :)

No day ever looks the same.

The kids work to accomplish their subjects as the day goes on around the little ones and in between completing important things like...LEGO creations.

Sometimes I sit and nurse the baby while answering questions from someone on my left and another on my right.

One of the changes we made for this half of the year is in History and Geography.  We started out the year doing Trail Guide to Learning, but after a couple months I realized that program wasn't working for us for various reasons.  So, we sold it and bought Switched on Schoolhouse History and Geography 3rd grade so that Emilia and Jonny could do it together.  So far, it's working well - they're able to accomplish that part of school completely on their own (big sigh of relief from me!).  We'll have to see how it goes as the year goes on.

Lydia takes a couple naps during the day.  This is a great time for me to work with the kids more individually...or clean the house.  Not that it ever needs cleaning...

Math time with the older kids.  

Notice the note on the blackboard (it says, "I can't do it!").  I've since banned negative notes and talk from the kids.  After the initial laugh, it creates such a pessimistic atmosphere for everyone.  I'm hoping that there will be less negativity when it comes to completing their school lessons.  We've been praying about this problem and have had multiple opportunities to "practice" being more optimistic throughout the day.

After completing his printing workbook, Matthew found this cursive workbook in his basket.  Although I wasn't planning on starting this with him yet, he wanted to do it.  And he's doing great.

Jonny's cursive practice.

Tommy plays a lot throughout the days.  He has a couple workbooks that he goes through, but he's only 3.5, so he mostly plays.

Remember how I said my house really doesn't need to be cleaned much throughout the days?  Yup. Totally clean.  All the time.

I must add that I really, really don't like when our house is messy.  To keep it neat, we clean up a couple times during the day.  I took this picture to show how it can look at any given time, but soon after taking the picture we took a "pick up" break.  I tell each child to pick something up or fold the laundry.  We all work together to get the job done quickly.  Cleaning up the inevitable messes throughout the day saves my sanity and helps the kids to be responsible.  If you look back at the picture where I'm holding the baby, the floor is free of messes.  Sometimes I can't do school stuff until we pick up.  This is both a blessing (our house is usually fairly clean and organized) and a curse (sometimes we don't do much school because I'm in a cleaning/organizing frenzy).  I'm constantly trying to balance these important aspects of keeping a home and raising children. 

Had to end with a pretty picture.  And yes, that candle was burning throughout the day...even while the living room was a complete mess.  A touch of beauty in the midst of chaos.  :)

So, that's a look into our homeschooling day.  What does yours look like?

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