Impromptu Family Photo Shoot

At 7:30 tonight, I announced I wanted to go to a park and take some family pictures.  

After convincing my way-more-organized-with-time husband that this was in fact a "good idea", I quickly dressed the kids and we were off.

 Nate was still pondering the "good idea" that I had.

That there's a slimy step.  Careful Matthew...

At least he he didn't get hurt when he fell in.
Such a cute little wet boy.  
He rode home in his undies ("Like a sumo wrestler?"  Yup, you look JUST like a sumo wrestler, my tiny Matthew Bud.;))

All the boys got dirty.  I had to start a load of laundry as soon as I got home.  :) 

Emilia was apparently practicing for her future graduation photo shoot with the typical Hiding Behind The Tree For No Good Reason pose. 

I wasn't as happy with some of the pictures as I thought I'd be.  I need to work on figuring out the lighting situation.  

I probably should read a manual or something...

A Gift from the Past

In the bottom of a rusty old tin box that contained multiple pen pal letters from when I was in elementary, I found this unremarkable looking card.

Thinking it was most likely a Thank You note from long ago, I opened it and found something unexpected.

My beloved, goofy, God-loving Grandma passed away in 2001.  
What a treat to be able to "receive" this letter from her so many years after she's been gone.  
To be able to see her handwriting again on a card I don't even remember.  
And such a blessing that our family is striving to keep the ways of the Lord.  

Grandma O. would be pleased.

Thank you, God, for that little gift...

Sweet Girl

Cutting, coloring, pasting, decorating...playing.

Some of her favorite things.



John, Cole, Jonny

Thankful for my boys' friends and their families (especially their really cool moms who happen to be my friends as well).  

Unfortunately both of these families are going to be moving (one in a number of days and the other in a year).  Hopefully, though, they will both come back to live in our area since the reasons for moving are not permanent (3 year PHD in Scotland and 2 year medical missions in Africa - too bad their dads are so stinkin' smart...then maybe they wouldn't be moving??  ;) ).

Matthew, Sam, Cooper

Love you friends,


This Moment - When Daddy Comes Home

{this moment} - A Friday ritual. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.  Linked at Soulemama


Watercolor Birds - Art

I first saw this idea to draw crayon or oil pastel birds and then paint them in with watercolors at my friend's son's school.  It looked so fun for the kids and so cute! 

 This website shows how to do it.  It was a great art activity!

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The Everyday

Pretty much a constant state of things at our house.

Bike rides.

Nail cutting time.  Thank you Nate for capturing everyday moments.  :)

Reading The Hobbit to the fam.

This is what Matthew does while Nate reads.  :)

Emilia draws pictures of Hobbits and such while she listens.

I asked if they'd pose for a picture.  So obliging.  Thank you friendly neighbor cows.
Trying to tackle Dad.  Wrong sport, but that's okay...

He does not give up easily.

Precious boy.

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