11 Months of Cuteness

Thanks to my Mom-in-law, I have some adorable pictures of this sweet baby.

Oh my...I just love these kids that the Lord has given us!


Recently Celebrated...

 12 Years of marriage to my best friend.


And now...


Williamsburg, Jamestown, and Washington DC

Some pictures from our recent vacation.

It was such a great trip in so many ways...

 Educationally:  Let's LIVE history!

Jamestown: Recreated town

We attended Bruton Parish Church on Sunday and they let the kids ring the bell to call everyone to worship.
Governor's gardens at the Governor's mansion in Williamsburg

Capitol Building in Williamsburg
George Washington answering Tommy's question, "When will you fight?"  Washington's answer, "Whenever we have to."

Korean War Memorial

Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

Nate explaining things to the kids at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier - lots of questions about this one!
World War 2 Memorial

Spiritually:  Who says our country wasn't founded on Christian principals?  It's written everywhere you go!
Historical Jamestown
Abe Lincoln's second Presidential Speech

Same as above

At the Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial - I find this rather amusing since Jefferson was the one who wanted separation of church and state.
 And personally (what an awesome responsibility I have of spending each and every day raising these kids to be who God wants them to be!)

Thank you Lord for this trip and for this life!




4 going on 14.  He cracks me up.  Every single day.

Sweet baby, messes, and curious almost 10 year old

This girl LOVES babies.  She's a baby who loves to hold babies!  Holding her new cousin with Grandma Gi Gi.

This is how we roll.

These two have a precious relationship.

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