Almost 24 Weeks

Baby Girl Due Mid to Late July, 2013


No matter how hard I try, I still waddle occasionally (okay...A LOT).

Shirts that I remember thinking were very large in previous pregnancies...aren't.  I'm pretty sure they shrunk.

On that note, so did some of my pants...

This mirror makes me look smaller than I really am.

I love this mirror.

We ALL love this new baby.  She's already had MANY kisses and hugs (no personal space for a pregnant momma with little kids!)

My first purchases for our little girly.  I couldn't resist the adorableness!

We set up the crib in "The Girl Room" and it actually fits!  Woo Hoo!

I think we finally decided on a name, but we're not telling yet just in case we change our minds (which is rather likely).  
Oh the suspense.  ;)

"Little Sister" shirt was a gift from our family friends.  Isn't it so cute?!  Thanks Jenn and family!


Friendship Fun Tea Party

Emilia checked out Samantha's Friendship Fun from the library and it was all down hill from there...(Kidding!  We had fun!) 

Addressing the invitations.

Decorating and getting ready for the tea party.

She invited three families who have homeschooled girls her age and younger.
The party was held from 2-4 pm on Thursday.

They (mostly) look so calm in these two pictures...don't let that fool you!

The girls ate fruit, cakes (decorated by them) and peppermint tea with plenty of cream and sugar.

I read portions of the Samantha book to the girls, telling them what life for Samantha was like in 1904.  We discussed proper etiquette while having a tea party - NOT that the girls always followed that proper etiquette, but we did discuss it.  ;)

After tea, the girls made "Calling Cards" out of pretty scrap-booking paper.

The party ended by playing a group game that the boys just HAD to be involved in.  :)

The girls had a great time sharing lots of laughs and "friendship fun"!

Afterwards, I said that Emilia's next friend party could be when she's 16.  
(But...I've said that before.)

Linked to the HHH

Amanda Bennett Unit Studies I Recommend (and those I don't)

A couple years ago, I bought two CD's worth of unit studies from the Download N Go series.  We had already bought, finished, and thoroughly enjoyed the Magnificent Moon study, so when I saw that there was a sale for over half off, I was sucked in.  I probably should have bought them individually since I don't use them as my core curriculum, however, I didn't.  I'm making the most of it though, by doing a study every now and then when we need a little spice in our curriculum or when we're studying something that goes along with the unit studies that we have already purchased.  

Watching the videos from the Twisting Tornadoes Unit Study - they really liked the videos!

For those of you who may be interested in buying an Amanda Bennett Download N Go Unit Study, here are the ones that we used fully (including the lapbook) and really enjoyed:

Magnificent Moon
Davy Crockett
Ben Franklin
(Click on this link to see the posts I wrote about the above unit studies.)

These are the ones that we didn't find as interesting; therefore, we never finished the lapbooks:

Handsome Horses
Twisting Tornadoes
Crazy Cartoons

We also did Chocolate Challenge.  I think we found that one semi-interesting, but didn't end up doing the lapbook with it. 

My kids really enjoy making the lapbooks, but if the unit study is a little boring or I find the lapbook components irrelevant or difficult for my reluctant writer, then we don't do them (much to my children's dismay).

When we happen upon a good one, it's GREAT.  And even in the not-so-great ones I find that my kids have learned as well, just not as much or as enthusiastically as in the "great" ones.  :)


How to Teach a 2 Year Old to Fold Clothes (Video)

Tell your kids to fold clothes while you're taking a shower.

When you come out, you may find that the older sister has decided she needs all the help she can get.  :)


March So Far (Picture Post)

March Happenings

Staged picture.  ;)  Matt lost.

Sister-in-law at Cousin's Wedding Shower held at my mom's house

My mom knows how to throw a beautiful shower.

My other sister-in-law!

Part of the banner I made for the bride and groom - see the following pictures - banner in background.

The Bride (my cousin) and Groom to Be  :)

Bride's sister (my other cousin) and my daughter

My sweet boy with my sweet niece.

The ladies in my family who came to the shower.  Emilia is sitting on my mom's lap.

Going on a family walk/bike ride!


He loves to steal my tea...  :)

Oh those hands...

More tea (a common occurrence at our house) sweetened with yummy homemade maple syrup.

Love those lips.


Silly brothers

Favorite game to play right now.

This is how you can usually find Emilia.

Cooked the sap a little too long.  I prefer it when it's lighter in color.  But this was still quite tasty!

Ordered some new curriculum because the kids have flown through their other stuff already.  Pretty fun to get some new stuff before the year is over.  Helps us stay excited!

This particular morning was in need of a specific schedule - not something I do everyday...

Sometimes school needs to come last if the whole house and kids all need a good cleaning.  :)

And again with the chess...

Love these kids.

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