Ruby - The Cicada

Jonny found this bug on our driveway.  I knew it was a cicada, so we came in and looked it up online.

 Turns out these (big) little bugs are very interesting!

We left the house for a bit and when we came back, the cicada had emerged and was clinging to her old self.  We knew this would happen because of the little video half way down on the left side of this page, but we didn't think it would happen so soon!

They named her Ruby because of the three Ruby colored spots on her head.  We just assumed Ruby was a girl.  :)

 The kids enjoyed learning about Ruby and holding her.

They eventually let her go on a tree so she could find some food.

This is our version of "Homeschooling in the Summer".
 Spontaneous learning with no prep for me.
Gotta love that.
p.s.  I'm 10 days overdue...just thought you'd want to know.  ;)


Birth Day...Not My Baby's, Mind You

With the birth of the Royal Baby imminent and the birth of a good friend's baby early this morning (she was, by the way, not due for another 8 days...not that I was keeping track...), I decided to console myself by reading about something that holds on to their babies longer than I do...

Click the link above (or these links: Video of elephant being born or Video of baby African elephant learning to stand)  if you'd like to do a little homeschool lesson with your children. 

And while you're at it, say a little prayer for me to have patience. 



Just Waiting On Baby...

And waiting.

And waiting...

So looking forward to meeting this little one!


Happy Due Date to Me...

40 weeks today.

No signs of labor.


We "celebrated" today.

The morning excitement was a snapping turtle making its way across our yard.

 Then we went to the library to turn in the kids' reading programs.  They were looking forward to turning these in since they got them!  They each got a book and a bag with coupons and small goodies in it.

I'm glad we no longer are keeping track of their reading time.  ;)

Then we headed to our friends' house.  They're out of town for the week, but offered us the use of their pool.  Since it was such a hot day, we enjoyed our swim.

After swimming and jumping on the trampoline (the latter done by only the kids, not me - although, maybe I should have tried it!), we went to get ice cream at our small town's ice cream shop.  Yummy.

Then we came home and the kids colored on their boxes (that we picked up at Costco the last time we were there) while I read them a book.

About 3 chapters into the book, I fell asleep.  What can I say?  I'm 40 weeks pregnant.

While I was dozing, a dear friend came over to drop off some cookies.  Just because.  So sweet (the cookies and the friend)!  

After polishing off the cookies, the kids and I watched some old Zorro episodes.  I remember watching the reruns when I was younger.  It's been fun to share them with the kids.

I sat and drank tea, still trying to wake up from my nap.

But, you know, when you're a mom with a 3 year old, you can't just sit by yourself...

We ended the evening by playing in the aforementioned pool with the aforementioned dear friend and her family. 

All in all, it was a very nice day, and I'm thankful to the Lord for providing it.

No baby, but that was to be expected.

She'll be here within 2 weeks or so (Lord willing).

Until then...I'll try to be patient.


38 weeks Pregnant with our Fifth

Today, I'm 38 weeks pregnant with our fifth child.
I've gone late with each of my other children.  I'm assuming this one will be the same.

In case you're interested (you totally are, don't deny it), here's a short version of my labors with my other children:

Child #1:  11 days overdue, 23 hour long induced labor with epidural and Pitocin, threw up, no fun. 8lb 15oz Girl.

Child #2:  2 days overdue, 7 hour all-natural labor with no pain meds.  Almost bit my husband's finger off - most horrible pain EVER (why'd I choose to experience the full effects of the Fall of mankind??!! see Genesis 3:16) - 9lb 2oz Boy.

Child #3:  One week overdue, 5 hour induced labor with epidural and Pitocin.  Went well.  8lb 2oz Boy.

Child #4:  Two days overdue, 5 hour induced labor with epidural and Pitocin.  Went well.  8lb 4oz Boy.

Child #5:  ???

So, we shall see when this little one wants to make her appearance.  And in the meantime, I'll be hanging out...
just waiting on this baby.

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