Secrets, Reading, and Fire

Happy Fall, everyone!  Doesn't a house full of candles smell so good and look so pretty?  Ahhh... 

Today, I'm over at Shannon's blog, Tiny Paragraphs, where I share a little secret that allows me to have more time and patience...  :)

I also have another post up today at Heart of the Matter with some tips that I've used to help my children learn how to read.  In that post, I've included a silly little story I wrote about a pink pig and a princess.  You can read it with your children if you want.  This story is in need of some pictures, so if your child is artistically inclined, maybe they could draw some pictures to go with it?  I'd love to see them if you'd like to share!

I hope you enjoyed your day today.  We did!

We started the day off on at field trip at the fire station with our homeschool group.  I volunteered to try on the fire fighter's coat, but was tricked into trying on the whole gear.  That is one heavy outfit!  You have to be in pretty good shape to be a firefighter.  I, clearly, am not.  My back is twinging a bit from that burdensome, but life saving, oxygen tank.  Thank you to all the firefighters out there!  I appreciate the work you do!

Thanks, Mandi, for the pic!

Then we came home and got in a full day of school.  That always feels good. 

A little color-coordinated paper plate clock that I made for Jonny as he learns how to tell time the "old fashioned" way.

For dinner we made a fire and roasted hotdogs rolled in croissants.  We also ate cheese curls, marshmallows, and candy.  Super healthy.  The kids thought it was the best idea ever.

This evening our family played a rousing game of Rummikub (I do so like that game) and then watched about 20 minutes of something on Netflix about wild cats.  It was very interesting.  I plan on watching more of the 3+ hour movie (!!!) with the kids in the future.  We'll call it "school".

I hope your day was happily filled with accomplishments, big or small, and...candles.  :)

Thanks for taking the time to stop by!


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I hope we can play Rummikub next Monday! :)

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