Now this is Winter!

I declared a Snow Day for our homeschool today.  It's hard to concentrate on reading, writing, and sums when THIS appears overnight!  Quite a bit different than just seven days ago.  It's been such a mild winter so far. 

I shared this good news with the children.

"We're going to have a Snow Day today!"

They looked outside and then at me with a confused expression.  "Yeah, we know."

Pretty sure they thought their mother was losing it.  Yes mother, we can see that it is a snowy day out there. 

Once I explained what "Snow Day" meant ("We're not going to do school stuff today!"), they were super excited.  Oh these homeschooled kids...(shaking head).  ;)

Here's the CORRECT response to "It's a Snow Day!"

Emilia decided we needed to make "snow cream".

Tommy's face cracks me up.  He really was delightful this morning, but apparently not at this exact moment.  :)

It's been a laid back, relaxed kind of a day. 

I think they're going to be begging for "Snow Days" with each snowfall.  :)


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