My Homeschool Thoughts in 2007

Looking through some old homeschool files today, I found something I had written up back in Oct. 2007, when our oldest was only 3!

The book I had been reading (can't remember which one) asked these thoughtful questions:

"If there were no laws about education... What do I want my children to learn?  How should learning happen?  How do I want to 'run my school'?  How much time do I have to plan and prepare?  How much money can I spend?  How will my religious beliefs impact my homeschooling?"

The answers I'd give to these questions today in 2012, with 2 1/2 years of "official" homeschooling under my belt, would be almost exactly the same!

I knew way back then that I wanted our kids to, first and foremost, love God and others.

Then I wanted them to...

(In no particular order)
Know practical life skills.
Enjoy reading and read well.
Become good workers.
Develop a love of learning.
Be able to listen to, learn about, think through, and debate/discuss ideas and philosophies with others.
Be exposed to the arts and many other subjects to see what it is that they enjoy and what God may be preparing for them.

I'm so glad I kept these notes.  It's comforting to see how the Lord has led and is leading in our homeschooling journey.


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