Leo's Horse

After learning about Leonardo da Vinci in The Mystery of History as well as in this book,

Emilia had been dying to see Leonardo's "American Horse" because it is located rather close to where we live.  I had already seen the horse, but the kids had not.  So, we took the opportunity to see it a couple days ago.

The first thing you see as you take the path back to the horse is a smaller horse statue on a stand.  She was saying, "That better not be the horse.  That's small.  I'll be disappointed if that's the horse."  Then, as we rounded the corner...

This is what we saw.  The kids were in awe!

After we left Emilia told me, "My dream to see the American Horse came true.  I was not disappointed!" 

She really is too cute.  I love teaching and learning along with her.  It's such a pleasure.


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