A Family Christmas Dinner

This is the second year that my dad and mom have hosted a Christmas Dinner for our whole family in Frankenmuth.  I love it!  My parents used to take us to Frankenmuth fairly often when we were kids.  Being there, eating the buttered noodles, getting the plastic girl in my peppermint ice cream at the end of the meal...it all brings back so many fond memories.  I'm so glad our children get the chance to experience it as well.

We're very refined while we're there.

Jonny and Jadon, best buds, born only a week apart.

My daughter and my dad.

We were thankful to have our own room closed off from the rest of the restaurant.  I'm sure the rest of the restaurant is thankful too!  :)

Grandpa Buddy giving a gift to each grandchild.

My younger brother and his family.

My older brother and his family (including Santa Baby!)

Tommy stood really still while posing for the pictures and never ran off...

He loves posing for pictures.

The whole family.

Thank you Dad and Mom for a wonderful meal and special memories!  We love you!


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