A Christmas Apology

We just want to say that we are very, very sorry for the (at least) 13 people that we directly infected with the stomach flu this Christmas...

Love these cute kids!

Christmas Day kids choir at church (Jonny and Emila are near the middle, Matthew is on the right in front).

Our family on Christmas Day at my parents' house.

We really feel awful.  Sorry, again!  Hope you feel better soon...

And I hope the rest of you had a wonderful, healthy Christmas!



Marie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That was a sweet apology. I think everyone has gotten this stomach bug and if they haven't they should be thanking their lucky stars.

We had 12 out of 14 get it in my family and our good friends had 13 people get it in their family. It is no joke!

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