I received a super surprise Mother's Day gift on...Mother's Day.  Not sure why I needed to include that, but there you have it.  My children were very, very (sorry, too tired to look at thesaurus.com to find a cool word to use instead of very) excited to give me this present on...Mother's Day (I'm tired).

I got a Canon EOS Rebel T3i camera!  I actually have NO idea what all those digits mean, but I'm very, very (again) excited to figure it out!

So, I have this really cool digital camera that probably takes really awesome pictures, but I don't know how to use it very well yet.  There are a lot of dials and buttons and turny thingys.  It's all so very, very overwhelming.

My hubby, Nate, keeps telling me that there are manuals that I could be reading to figure out how to operate the camera and I keep nodding my head and smiling a fake smile.  He knows.  I really, really don't like manuals.

You see, he's a Civil Engineer.  I'm not.  Enough said.

While he devours every single manual that comes into our house, including the one that explains how to put together the lamp and turn it on (well, you never know what you may be missing if you don't read the instructions, Heidi), I just start fiddling with whatever has come out of the box, hoping to make enough sense out of it so that I can use it within 5 minutes instead of 35 minutes.  Reading those very, very boring manuals takes lots and lots of time.

So, I sit here with my expensive camera on the desk next to me while I type.  I've watched some You Tube videos on how to work it, taken lots of pictures, and fiddled with it here and there.  But I still have no clue how to get the pictures off of the camera card thing and into my computer.  My last camera card went right in my computer and up popped this box and I'd click on the box and all the pictures would go to my computer.  It was easy.  This new card doesn't do a thing when I put it in my computer.  I even got out a cord that looked like it may help me, plugged it in to the camera and computer, and...nothing.  Good grief. 

Nate recently reminded me (again) to read the manual.  He's sure that I'd find what I need to know if I just open that 567 page booklet and start at the beginning and read through from cover to cover.


So, I'll type and not post any pictures tonight because they're all stuck in the camera.  And tomorrow I'll send the manual with Nate to work so that he can read it to his heart's content and tell me what I need to know.  ;)


Kate @ Bliss and That said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

You're such a... rebel. Hee, hee. Sorry, couldn't resist. ;)

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I know. ;)

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