"My Perfect World" Books

In our history book, The Mystery of History, we recently learned about Sir Thomas More, the author of Utopia

I thought it would be fun to hear my kids' ideas of a perfect world, so I had them write their own "Utopia" books.  I wanted something more substantial than folded sheets of paper stapled together.  I finally settled on these blank hardcover books from Rainbow Resource.  The kids were very excited to write in a "real" book. 

Emilia wrote about how everyone would believe in Jesus, have enough clothes to last a lifetime (such a girl), no one would take drugs, fall down, get sick, or hurt, everyone would have everything they needed ("like food, toys, toilets, and houses"), and each person's yard would be divided into the four seasons so they could enjoy every season at all times.  Brilliant. 

You can tell she has a daddy who's involved in politics.  :)

Emilia's page

Jonny started his book by saying that there would be "no real fighting or getting hurt".  Then he added that no one would lie or cry, there would be no more slavery, scabs, bee stings, or mosquito bites.  Everyone would go to church and...he ends by saying, "I'd be able to eat all the time."  That kid can consume the food.  Let me tell ya.

Jonny's page

Those two red things are "slobbery kisses".
I know they will get a kick out of these when they get older because their ideas of a "perfect world" will no doubt change over time.  I'm guessing slobbery kisses won't sound so disgusting to Jonny in the future.  ;) 

Matthew, not to be left out, started making a list for his "perfect world", but never got around to making the book.  I can't remember all of his ideas, but the first one was great. 

"No one would get bit by their friends." 

Now that would be a perfect world.  


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