Maple Sugaring!

This picture kinda looks like an ad.  Just so you know, I am not an affiliate of either Menards or Lowes.  We just wanted cheap buckets.  :)

Since we don't have a $2000 evaporator and sugar shack, we use a camp stove and our indoor stove.  Our house turns into a sugar shack.  :)
Tommy with my shoes on.  He wanted to be outside!
Since today was rather busy with the syrup-making, I only had Emilia do some school work.  She can work rather independently after some direction (and much help with spelling!).

She's going to add other things to this book in the future.  How to make...chocolate chip cookies, etc.

After 17 hours of boiling down 25 gallons of sap...this is what we made.  Actually, we made less because there was so much sludge in that jar on the right.  It's only about 2/3 full of syrup.

Boiled about 1/4 cup of the syrup down a little more until it was thicker and then poured it on snow.

Maple Sugar Candy!

Tastes great.  Gets majorly stuck in your teeth!


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Loved the photos and what a treat at the end!

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