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Thomas Edison didn't speak until he was 4.  He was labeled "addled" (mentally confused) after only 12 weeks of school.  His mom took him out and schooled him at home. 

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Winston Churchill was labeled "slow" and "backward" at school.  He hated school the whole way through.  He said,  

"My education was interrupted only by my schooling" 
"Where my reason, imagination, or interest were not engaged, I would not, or I could not learn." 

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Abraham Lincoln only had 1 year of formal school.  He was self-educated by reading good books. 

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Gustave Eiffel couldn't pass a drawing class in school and found most of school to be a waste of his time.  He went on to design the Eiffel tower, the frame of the Statue of Liberty, and many other buildings and structures.

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Ansel Adams, at age 12, was dismissed from the private schools he attended because he was too restless and couldn't pay attention.  He was then privately tutored by his father and aunt.

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While our children may never become famous photographers or inventors (which isn't our main goal of education anyway), it's enlightening to know that not everyone was designed by the Lord to do well in our man-made institutions of learning.  And guess what? 

That's great! 

You can read this short article for some of the many more stories like the above.


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