Happy 6th Birthday Jonny!

Our exuberant, spunky, sports-loving, intense, fun-loving, thoughtful Jonny-boy is 6 today!

I (kinda) remember when he was this little...

2007 - I didn't have a digital camera when he was born...and I don't feel like finding and then scanning an old picture...
2007 - Such a handsome little guy!  He sure made (makes) us laugh!
2012 - After Jonny dressed like this, Emilia thought it was appropriate to make these signs...
2012 - Intensely working on a magnetic guy thing
Friends and Cousins - Jadon and Jonny born one week apart.  Football fans.  :)

We're going to be decorating our house in football style today for his first "friend" birthday party (I'm thinking the next one may be when he's 16... ;) ).  There are 8 Kindergarten boys coming over tonight for pizza, cupcakes, and football fun!  It's gonna be wild!  

We love you our wonderful Jonny and thank the Lord that He gave you to us.

Happy 6th Birthday!!!


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