Such a Good Day

This morning I went to a friend's house for brunch and was surprised to find another friend there.  We were led to a beautifully set table where we enjoyed a quiet, child-free brunch while the kids were cared for and fed in the basement.  It was SUCH a surprise!  Pure kindness and thoughtfulness...I am so thankful for the gift of friendship.

On the way home from my wonderful brunch, I picked up one of Emilia's friends so they could play for the afternoon.

They made (and ate many samples of) a gooey, chocolatey, yummy dessert.

They decorated the table (very fancy of course) for a tea party and kindly included the boys - even though their manners were...less refined.

The girls poured their own tea and had excellent manners.  :)

In the evening there was a little wrestling, tickling, and lots of loudness.  Music to my ears!

As the day came to a close, I saw this sleepy little fellow with his paci and blankie - not necessarily out only when he's sleepy mind you...and I'm so okay with that.  There's something unbelievably sweet and oh so snugly about seeing Tommy like this.  I just love it.   Because I know how fast he'll grow.  Soon that blanket will be stored away and the pacis will be gone.  Until then, I smile at the trailing blanket of a little guy who's trying so hard to catch up to his brothers.   Hopefully he won't catch up too quickly...

Thanking the Lord for this day and all the memories made.


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