Diapers in the Gutter

I have never come up with a great system for the disposal of dirty diapers.

With our first child, I had a diaper pail in her room - you know, one of those pails they say won't ever stink?  Well, it stunk.  And I got rid of it.

Since then, my only solution has been to get the stench filled bundles out of the house as soon as possible.  We've never had a garbage can with a lid on it in our garage for various reasons, so I have always put the diapers outside by the front or back door until someone can throw it away in the outdoor trash can.   I've gotten comments about this over the years.  Apparently this isn't a pretty thing to see when you come to a door.  Who knew?!

In this (our 3rd) house, a ranch built on a hill with the garage underneath, I thought I'd step it up a notch in the classy department and throw the dirty diaper down to the garbage can instead of letting it rot on our front porch.  You can see one such diaper fairly close to the trash can in this picture.  I know.  Super classy. 

Well, it just so happens that at the beginning of this "system" for diaper removal, I had horrible aim.  In my defense, it's a far throw while standing on the porch, okay?  Okay.  So, within the next couple of days I threw diapers into the gutter on the roof instead of on the ground.  My husband couldn't believe I had such a bad arm and even tried to teach me perfect aim for throwing a diaper down to the garbage can.  After the third diaper in the gutter, my exasperated husband said something like, "AGAIN?!  Heidi!  Aim for the ground!  How in the world do you keep throwing the diapers in the gutter?!"  Then he got the ladder, grumbling just a little, and climbed up on the roof again to retrieve the smelly parcel, while I tried to stifle my laughter.

The next day, I was in the kitchen while Nate changed Tommy.  I heard the door open and then I heard, "OH NO!" followed by some knee-slapping laughter.  Coming around the corner, I immediately knew what had happened.  Nate's perfect aim was perfectly aimed for...the gutter. 

I guess we need to work on our aim...or maybe figure out a new diaper removal system.  Any suggestions?


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HAHAHAHA! That is really funny! I had to sit and figure out how the diapers were getting on the roof. I am picturing you throwing them out the window.... then I figured out you were on the porch....LOL! Too funny! -Amber

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