Field Trips/Parties - Last year and this

This was our very first field trip at the beginning of the 2010-2011 school year, with our small homeschool group - an apple orchard with animals and other fun activities!

This was our trip to the local Fire Station.

Our Thanksgiving Party 2010

Our Christmas party 2010

Our Valentine's party 2011

 Our first 2011-2012 school year field trip to the same apple orchard.

 Some hot mommas.  :)

 Friends and goats!

 Our sweet, small homeschool group - 5 moms and 18 kids.  Fun times!  :)
 Our most recent field trip - Oct. 2011 - (with a very large, different homeschooling group) to an historic village.  It was very fun!

 The wood-burning stoves were lit in each building.  So warm and toasty!

 I want a one-room schoolhouse like this in my backyard - complete with the wood-burning stoves...and the teacher.  ;)

 Making candles.

 In Matthew's defense:  He can't read.  ;)

 In the kitchen of the Inn.

 Chopping the veggies for the soup.

 Churning the butter for our bread.

One of the many buildings in this cute little town.

We thoroughly enjoy our field trips!


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