They Make Me Laugh!

My kids said two funny things today.  I wanted to make sure I wrote these down because so often they say funny things, but I don't write them down and then they are forgotten.  Not today.  :)

First Funny Thing:

The kids and I were watching a cooking show on TV.  I casually remarked, "I think that lady is Russian."  No one said anything for awhile, but near the end of the show Emilia piped up, "Yeah, I think she is in a rush.  Wonder why?" 

I laughed so hard I couldn't talk for awhile!  Emilia just stared at me asking, "What?  Why are you laughing?"  It may have been the lack of sleep or the headache, but I sure found it hilarious.  

Second Funny Thing:

Jonny found some blackberries in the yard and ran in, all excited, to get his siblings to go pick some with him.  Matthew was getting his shoes on and I asked him, "Do you want to change into shorts?  You might be hot in those pants."  He looked at me with those big, blue Matthew eyes (if you know him, you know what I'm talking about) and said, "No.  I don't want those porky things on the porky-pine (a.k.a. pokey blackberry bushes) to hurt my legs.  I need to leave my pants on."  

Once again, I found this absolutely adorable.  Probably because he's just so stinkin' cute.  I love how he sounds when he talks and it makes it even cuter when he gets the words all wrong.  :)

I love these kids (and the smallest one who is sleeping right now :) )!


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