Best Recipe Ever!

If you think I'm posting a recipe that I think is the best tasting recipe ever, 
I'm not.  Sorry.

This is the "Best Recipe Ever" because of how it's written.

I enjoy the creative process of baking because you can use a little "guesstimating" to make something extra tasty, but I usually do this with vanilla.  This recipe is full of guesswork!

The actual recipe is in black and my comments are written in blue.

Aunt Susie's Church Cookies

2 tincups lard
4 tincups sugar 
2 tincups sour or buttermilk or sweet milk with vinegar added
How big is that tincup? 
8 or 9 eggs
I guess this depends on how the chickens are laying that day.  If these were my chickens, I would need to adjust the recipe to 0 or 1 egg!
3 c. brown and 1 c. white sugar
6 soup spoons baking powder
Soup spoon?  I've seen multiple sizes, but maybe all Amish soup spoons are the same? 
3 or 4 soup spoons soda
That's quite a bit of difference, right?!  Suppose it depends on the size of that soup spoon.
flavor and flour
My favorite ingredients for a cookie recipe ever!  
I think I'll add in about a tincup of salt, a soup spoon of, say, peppermint, and, oh how about, 13 cups of flour (I got that amount from the recipe that preceeds this one.  :) )
(Mrs. Clara Ann Bontrager) 
Notice that there's no temperature to set (maybe it's a wood burning stove?) or amount of time to bake these bad boys.

I love a good laugh and I definitely got one while reading this.  
Now, off I go to bake up a storm!


Marie said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I think my mom has this same cookbook. Love the recipe. I wonder how many cookies it makes? I'll have to look through it next time I am at her house.

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

This book is full of HUGE recipes! I've never added 13 cups of flour to anything! Of course, I don't usually bake for an enormous group of people either. I've never been to a barn raising and had to provide food for everyone. ;)

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