For All the People with Fingerprints

I am originally over at Shannon Popkin's blog on this day, the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade.  
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By the way, I wrote the following article a couple weeks ago, so I am now in my second trimester.  :) 
I'm quickly approaching the second trimester of my pregnancy and have really enjoyed getting the babycenter.com updates in my inbox.  The kids and I read them together and watch the video about how our baby is developing.

The most recent development at 13 weeks is tiny fingerprints.  God has given this 3-inch-long baby sweet little fingers with unique fingerprints on each one.  These fingerprints will be used to identify this child in the future.

Isn't that amazing?!  A tiny human being is growing inside of my body and, at this moment, looks complete--with fingers and toes and eyelids and spine and heart...a miniature human.  My precious baby can squint, rub his eyes, and kick around in his safe, warm home.

Did you know that 88% of abortions take place during this first trimester?  Babies, with fingerprints and kicking legs, are ripped apart and thrown in the trash because their parents choose death over life.
Approximately 55 million babies have been murdered by abortion since 1973.  That's over nine times the number of Jews murdered during the Holocaust (6 million).  

As Americans march on, proudly choosing death for their children, they are accepted and applauded. Politicians continue to pass laws to protect the woman's right to rule her own body and that of her unborn and unwanted children.  Hail pro-choice.

But no one, when these babies are discarded like so many bloody rags, takes the time to bend down and look at the tiny fingerprints which will never identify these children.

Oh God, forgive us. Turn us toward you, the maker and creator of each fingerprint.  May we see our great sin--the sin of killing or the sin of saying, "I can't do anything about it." Please help us to see that this crime scene which stretches across America is covered in our fingerprints. Help us to repent of our apathy and fight for liberty and justice for all the people with fingerprints.


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I read a news story last week of a women who had an abortion at 33 weeks and died. It made me want to vomit just thinking about it. How can you abort a baby at 33 weeks? To me it is outright murder. This battle will never be won until the pro-life side does more than just beg people to quit killing babies. There has to be solutions offered up in order to win this war and many pro-life individuals do not want to talk about that. In a perfect world everyone would choose abstinence but we do not live in a perfect world and we can not control the actions of others. The pro-life movement focuses on banning abortion and is generally opposed to advocating greater contraceptive use and until that changes, abortion will continue. There are even pro-lifers who believe that the pill aborts a pregnancy which is completely idiotic and untrue and if they had it their way birth control would also be outlawed. Advocating for contraceptives is where we have to start and we really need to focus on more long term solutions such as the Mirena IUD because let's face it, there are many women who aren't even responsible enough to take a pill on a daily basis.

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