My kids need "recess" so that I can regain my sanity.

I'm only half way joking.

It gets rather loud and/or busy in our house on a regular basis, so a time spent in a larger outdoor space is good for everyone.

As my grandma used to say, "Change refreshes."

I was outside with the kids today for a little bit, and when I came in I accidentally locked the door.

Jonny came a-knock'n soon after, and as I went to open the door (to tell him, for the I-don't-know-how-many-times that he couldn't come inside yet) I laughed at what I'd done. 

I wonder if it really was an accident.  I'm not exactly sure what was going on there subconsciously.  ;)

All joking aside, it really is good for kids to be outside.  

Why is this SOO hard for my kids?

 I have a friend who's kids play in the woods constantly.  They want to eat outside.  They beg to be outside.  They'd probably build their own little houses with their scrap wood and nails and live in the woods if their mother would let them.  Mean momma.

My kids aren't this way.  We have woods in our yard (granted, it's full of poison ivy), but getting my kids to STAY outside without me there with them is a huge chore.

Emilia would rather play/read inside.  The boys would rather wrestle/run inside.

We're working on this because they really should get outside more without me (I'll still be watching them from inside).  We do go outside together fairly often, but it's good for them to imagine and play and just be out there without me orchestrating what's happening (bike rides, walks, etc).

I think we need to have 3 "recesses" every school day.  

For at least a half hour at a time.

I'll give them water.  

And I'll try to remember not to lock the door.

Now, I just need a Recess Supervisor.  ;)

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Monica said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Oh my you crack me up!!!! We mamas need recess as much as the kiddos do! It took my kids time to 'learn' how to play outside on their own also. Press on......they will learn.

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for the encouragement Monica! We're just about ready for another recess today. :)

playoutside said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

From my name you can guess I'm one of those moms with tree-dwelling kids... ;) We have been taking a 15- or 20-minute get-the-wiggles-out walk to start our day since my oldest was teeny (way before we did any "school") and now they all love the yard/trees/sandpit. It did take some me-and-kids-together outside time to build the habit of enjoying the outdoors into our family. Many mornings I stick my travel mug of tea or coffee into the stroller's cupholder while the toddler rides and the older two dash ahead. One of his favorite words is "sandpit!"

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Playoutside, Maybe your kids need to come over and teach my kids some stuff...or you need to come over and teach me some stuff. ;) Thanks for those tips!

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