But God Said, "No."

When I was in high school, I was convinced I’d marry a certain brown haired, attractively rebellious guy.  I prayed and prayed that he would want me as his girlfriend, but God said, “No”.  Instead God blessed me with a God-fearing, fiercely determined redhead; a faithful husband and father.  Do you know how many times I have praised the Lord for not fulfilling my teenage dream?  Too many to count.

In our most recent house hunting adventure, I begged God to allow us to purchase a certain brick house with an adorable red chicken coop in the backyard, but God said, “No”.  Instead, He gave us a house that, at first, I could only see for its faults:  the cracks on the ceiling, the outdated wallpaper, the ugly blue carpet. Do you know how many times I have raised my hands to the Lord for putting us in this house with the kitchen window that overlooks the beautiful woods where my children can freely roam?  Too many to count...
You can read the rest over at my friend, Shannon's blog where I am doing a guest post.  :)


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cute picture of you two!

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