Are you a "cat person"?

I never really liked cats. 
I never owned a cat.
My husband is allergic to them.
I always thought they were kind of snotty and stand-offish.
I knew they weren't as friendly as dogs.
I never understood why people took pictures of their cats. 
And showed them to people.
 And then, one day, this mangy cat showed up at our house.
He rubbed against our legs and purred and kept coming back even when we shooed him away. 
And he stayed long enough for us to get attached, name him Simon, and take lots of pictures. 
(I'm officially a weirdo.)
We have no idea what became of Simon.  He was a free spirit that came and went as often as he liked, but we are thankful for the time that he chose to live in our yard. 
We miss him!
(Not that I'm a sappy, cat person or anything...)


une autre mère said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Heidi! Oh my goodness! I'm so glad I found your blog! When I saw your comment, I suddenly remembered getting a message from you on vacation and couldn't reply then and so I completely forgot to respond! I'm so sorry! Please don't hate me!

On another note, I've been backreading your posts and I LOVE your blog! It's beautiful and fresh. Can't wait to be your newest follower! And I was right there with you with the whole "not a cat lover" thing until we babysat the Kwasts cat while they were in Thailand and he caught the mouse that had been haunting our apartment. Then I realized they can be somewhat useful. ;) Okay, I'll stop writing my novel in your comments section now.

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks Katie! And no problem about not responding...I totally understand. This summer has been SO incredibly busy!
I never heard that story about your cat/mouse adventure. Funny! Good to hear from you. :)

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