First Broken Arm

Jonny broke his arm last week.  With three boys in our house, I can imagine this will be the first in a long line of broken things (hopefully not, but...boys are kinda wild :) ). 

On Wednesday, he fell backwards off the swing in the morning, then fell while he was running in the afternoon, and then he fell while playing soccer that evening (why we let him play, I have no idea...). 

I'm pretty sure the first fall off the swing is what caused the breakage.  His face went pale and his leg started shaking.  However, there was no swelling at first and no bruising, so I had no idea it was broken until Saturday when my brother (a chiropractor) took x-rays and confirmed that it was indeed broken.  So thankful for my brother (and his x-ray machine ;) )!!! 

He has a greenstick fracture on both his radius and ulna.  A "greenstick fracture" basically means that the bone bends in on itself and "partially breaks".  It's a fairly common fracture in children and one that usually heals well.

He did very well getting the cast put on his arm, and we even had some fun!

He can take the cast off in 4 weeks.  We're counting down!


Aunt Denise said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Sorry I don't get to sign his cast! Chris once broke is hand/wrist in 2 places (tip...don't let your dog pull your son on a scooter!), then 6 months later broke the same hand/wrist in 2 different places(2nd tip...don't let brothers play ninja with broomsticks and veer off their "choreographed" routine!)Because the 3rd brother will think it's only fair that he get to break his brother's wrist if the dog and the other brother can! I didn't see the logic.

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

That's hilarious Aunt Denise! (well, hilarious to me, but probably not to Chris when it happened!)

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