More on Unit Studies

I tried out that free unit study that I mentioned at the end of this post.

It just wasn't as good as the Amanda Bennett unit studies. We enjoy the videos and other online links that Amanda includes. The kids and I both had a hard time getting motivated to do the free study.  We ended up reading books on Leonardo Da Vinci, including this one, which was a good book, but didn't do the lapbook.  I'm sure there are some good ones on that website and other places, but we've been spoiled with the AB unit studies! 

There was a great deal (half off!) on a CD of the entire set of Download 'N Go Unit Studies by Amanda Bennett, so I bought that to use over the next couple of years as a fun way to round out the curriculum. 

I'm thinking that this one looks like a pretty fun way to begin - maybe even now! 


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