Camping Vacation

Remember how I said we were a camping family?  Well, here are the pictures to prove it.  :)

We got home last Sunday from a 4 day camping trip to Petoskey State Park.  It was so good to get away and relax with my dear hubby and cute kids.  We took day (or morning) trips to different areas around Petoskey and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Harbor Springs

Emilia took this.  Didn't she do a great job?

We ate a lot of ice cream on this trip.  Yummy!

Our new favorite road.  I think we need a cool sticker that says M119 for our car.

The Mackinac Bridge

Our oldest turned 7 on the trip.  She asked for pancakes instead of cake.  :)

I rode on this same horse when I was a kid!

Cute Tommy

At a little park in Petoskey

We rode bikes from our campground into Petoskey, walked around town, got more ice cream, enjoyed the park, took this picture, and rode back.  :)

We did quite a bit of this.


Nate buried the kids.

Tommy loved the beach!  He loved eating the sand and throwing it in his eyes...

We enjoyed watching Daddy run into the freezing cold water.

Had a couple campfires and ate S'mores.  mmmm

Makes me want one right now.

They loved camping so much they had to give the trees a hug!  :)


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