Camping With An Awesome Nursing Cover - Discount Offered!

Recently we went camping for 8 days.  
That's the longest camping trip our family has ever taken.  We all survived - and even thrived!

We had a fun time with just the 8 of us for the first couple of days and then with a great group of friends for the rest of the trip. 

In the second picture you'll see that I have a black and white striped thing on my head.  That "thing" was a life saver for this trip.

Have you ever heard of Covered Goods Nursing Covers?

Best nursing cover ever!


I have tried numerous covers over the past 11 years, and this cover is BY FAR my absolute favorite.

It is lightweight for hot summer days and super soft for delicate baby skin.  
It FULLY covers you - front and back - and the baby so there are no embarrassing/revealing moments when you are nursing in public.

It also makes it super easy to walk around while nursing.

Touring Maple Moon Sugary in Petoskey, MI

While we were on vacation, we went on three different tours.  I was comfortably able to participate in each one because of this nursing cover.

Touring Kilwins in Petoskey, MI

Some of my friends kept teasing me that they wouldn't know who I was unless I had that "striped thing" on.  :)

Cute hats, hey?!  ;)

I contacted Covered Goods to see if I could get some sort of offer for my blog-reading friends so they could buy one of these awesome covers for themselves or as a gift at a discounted price, and they said yes!
Watching the dads and kids play in the annual camping soccer game

You can get 15% off if you buy a cover (or a few!) today, August 26, through Saturday, August 29.

Just put in the code dearlylovedmist15 at checkout.
I've already bought two covers (at full price - one for myself and one for a gift) and I intent to buy more - that's how great these covers are!

Head on over to Covered Goods to see the cute patterns.
Don't forget to purchase by the 29th or the offer won't be valid anymore.


p.s.  If you want to pay with Paypal, go to "checkout" instead of clicking right on the paypal link and it will take you through some steps where you can enter the code to receive your discount on the Covered Goods website before you go to Paypal. 


Lisa said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Thanks for telling us about this great cover, Heidi! I just ordered one for my daughter who is expecting her first, and I was able to enter the discount code while still on the Covered Goods website before being directed to Paypal. I got my discount with no problem!

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Ahh...I see now. If you go to "checkout" instead of clicking right on the paypal link, it will take you through some steps where you can enter the code. Thanks, Lisa!

an8t9p69tz said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

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