9 Days Overdue

Being "overdue" is a bummer. 
I sometimes wish we never had "due dates" so I wouldn't have to be disappointed each time.

Even though I've experienced this with each of our children (from 2 - 14 days overdue for all of them), I've never quite gotten used to it.

I'm "supposed" to just relax and enjoy this time before the baby comes.
There are 5 children who live in this house.  

My back hurts, my belly hurts, my ankles are beyond swollen and my mind is completely consumed with thoughts of, 

"Wonder if my water will break today?" 
(for the record, my water has never broken on its own, so I have no idea why I think it will happen)


"Oh!  This is a hard contraction...wonder if this is the day?!"


"Wonder how many more times I will have to do the laundry/cook dinner/make my bed, etc. before this child makes his appearance?"

I'm like a bomb just waiting to explode.

It's fairly annoying being a bomb.

They're going to admit me to the hospital on Thursday when I'll be 12 days over my due date. 
They break my water to get things moving.

I wish it was Thursday.
But, since it isn't Thursday, and since I woke up (yet again) without being in labor, we went blueberry picking.

Maybe eating pounds of blueberries will help get things moving.

And if not?

Then, Thursday.  

Thursday is my new "due date."

Just for fun:  Short birth stories

Child #1:  11 days overdue, 23 hour long induced labor (broke my water) with epidural and Pitocin, threw up, no fun. 8lb 15oz Girl.
Child #2:  2 days overdue, 7 hour all-natural labor with no pain medications.  Almost bit my husband's finger off - most horrible pain EVER (why'd I choose to experience the full effects of the Fall of mankind??!! see Genesis 3:16) Broke my water when dilated to a nine - 9lb 2oz Boy.
Child #3:  One week overdue, 5 hour induced labor (broke my water) with epidural and Pitocin.  Went well.  8lb 2oz Boy.
Child #4:  Two days overdue, 5 hour induced labor (broke my water) with epidural and Pitocin.  Went well.  8lb 4oz Boy.
Child #5: 14 days overdue, scheduled to be induced that day at 6am, but went into labor first!  4 hour labor.  Almost sent me home from the hospital because they were "short-staffed" - Ummm...NO.  Broke my water.  Wanted epidural, but two emergency c-sections came before me, so I had to wait.  Finally got epidural one hour before I delivered.  9lb 8oz Girl.
Child $6: ???


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