Pros and Cons of Homeschooling

I really like this post written by Jamie from The Unlikely Homechool.

It states, very well, how I feel about homeschooling.
I'm so glad that the pros outweigh the cons!
The kids spread topsoil with me for two days.  Such hard workers!

The kids received a zip line from my parents for Christmas and Nate just put it up.  Fun times!



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Not yet, but we plan on being homechoolers. I like the idea of having a bit of both worlds. My twins are 4 (just turned 4), so have one more year until Kindergarten. Currently, I work full-time and they are in daycare full-time. They'll be in the pre-K class starting in August this year. Next summer, the plan is for us to make the switch to me being home (possibly with a new career, something I can do part-time and from home) and the kids home with me and doing the hybrid homeschooling thing. Looking forward to following your journey!
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