November Happenings...

Spending some time at my parents' cabin.

How often do you catch the perfect snot bubble on camera?  ;)

Looks like we need to work with the boys on stacking the books.  :)

Tommy keeps me on my toes!

Beautiful Emilia...getting so old!

Thrilled to finally lose his front tooth! 

Family photo shoot with the timer.

Cute kids.

Tommy's been falling asleep in the evenings lately.  So cute to turn around and find him like this.

Sweet Lydi watching her sibling play in the snow.  Or watching me...

Daddy celebrates his 35th birthday!

 With candles that say, "64".  Haha!  I didn't have any regular candles.  I'm so prepared.

Helpful children.

Jonny and Lydia.

 Nate reading, "The Horse and His Boy" to the family.

Tommy and Lydia.

Jonny trying out the Ergo carrier.

Getting some work done on our house/property.

Baker Emilia.

Lydia loves to laugh!


Cutest lips!

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


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