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My 3 pairs of jeans were really faded or too short or too tight or too low-cut (what is it about jeans today - is "plumber's crack" really necessary??  Good grief.)

However, I didn't want to spend $30 for one pair of jeans (even if they were going to be of the non "plumber's crack" variety). 

I made a trip to our local Goodwill, and found a brand new-looking pair of American Eagle jeans that fit me very well and cost just $5.

I thought about only posting pictures of clothes, but decided that I'd risk looking silly by taking this picture of myself in one of my thrifted outfits.  This feels strange to me, but these "What I Wore Wednesday" posts show many, many women doing this very thing (some wanting to be models a little more than others...).

I'm (unsuccessfully) trying to get over the weirdness which is why I cut my head out of this shot.  I'm pretty sure my face would have revealed how dumb I felt while taking this picture.  And hopefully you realize that I'm not wanting to start a modeling career anytime soon.  (See?  I told you.  Unsuccessfully.)

(In Emilia's pink princess room...) American Eagle jeans: $5   Sweater:  $4

Just recently, I had in mind a specific look for a dressy outfit that I wanted for a dinner that I'll be attending.  I went to a Salvation Army and spend a good amount of time rifling through their assortment of clothes and finally found what I was looking for (next picture).  I was excited!

Tommy was excited as well, as he was getting a tad bit tired of his mother trying on skirt after skirt after skirt after...you get the idea.

(By the way, knock on all the closed doors before bursting into one.  I'm just glad that guy was already clothed while he was checking himself out in the mirror.  Otherwise, it could have been much more embarrassing.)

This next picture doesn't make me feel weird, but I also think it's hard to see how cute (I think) this outfit looks when it's worn.  Oh well.  I'm not putting it on to pose for a picture.  :)

Jacket:  $4    Banana Republic Skirt:  $3

The total cost for this dressy outfit:  A Banana Republic wool skirt paired with a black jacket (may be from Target?) was $7!

On that trip, along with the skirt and jacket, I also got a new-looking GAP pea-coat, a long skirt, a sun dress, and a sweater (the gray sweater in the first photo).  The total cost for all 6 items?  $28!

Sundress:  $4

I'm telling ya, I have no idea why I shop at regular clothing stores.  Well, I do have an idea.  It's fairly quick and convenient, and you can get exactly what you want - with that brand new smell.  But you pay for it.

Thrift stores are exciting.  I never know what I'll find.  I usually have an idea of what I'm looking for, but I've gotta be flexible and willing to try on LOTS of clothes.  And eventually, after searching long enough, I've always found something (or lots of things) I really like.  My problem is that I want to buy each of the 10 cute clothing items I find.

Just because it's a good deal does not justify my buying a multitude of clothes. 

I have now purchased three pairs of $5 jeans to replace my old jeans (one pair for working around the house, one for dressing up a bit, and one casual).  That's 3 new-to-me pairs of jeans for $15 total!  Not too shabby.

Not to mention that I don't feel so badly when life happens and I have to chuck clothing items.  Like the time my husband accidentally ran into me while I was holding melted butter, which flew into the air and splattered in a big (non-washable) greasy mess on my (thankfully old pair of "plumber's crack") jeans.     

Old Navy "Casual" Jeans: $5

I get excited by the thrill of the hunt and saving so much money (money that can be used to pay off our house or give away or save for an emergency...), while still wearing clothes that I like.

I am a fan of thrift stores!

Just say NO to "plumber's crack".


Kara said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

I just drove 45 min to go to a salvation army store in Ft. Wayne yesterday, I LOVE IT!. Three tank tops, two cute tops, head scarf and a book for Layc... $8 :) Good post I like it!

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Glad you got some good deals Kara!

Kate @ Bliss and That said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Cute stuff! You look adorable!! We have a brand new thrift store opening soon 3 minutes from our house, so I'm excited. (Not only to browse, but to donate so easily and closely!!)

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