Some Days and Today

There are Some Days I feel like I could pull out my hair while trying to maintain a peaceful, clean house and homeschool at the same time.

There are Some Days I look out the window, see that yellow bus driving by, and have to restrain my thoughts of how much I could get done in a quiet, (mostly) clean house with hour upon hour and only two children home instead of all four.

There are Some Days I question whether or not we are doing the right thing by keeping our children at home to learn instead of sending them off to school, like most other children.

There are Some Days like that.

However, there are lots of days like Today.

Today, I was able to start off the morning (an un-rushed 9am) by reading the Bible and discussing many questions about God and Heaven and temptation.

Today, I watched as Emilia (7) grabbed her Bible, unprompted, and turned right to Genesis to read to us about the temptation of Eve at the beginning of time.

Today, the LORD let me lead our sweet, little Matthew Bud (3 1/2), who's been asking many theological questions recently, in a prayer to ask forgiveness for his sins and to ask our LORD to be the LORD of this life.  Praise God!

Today, I shared in the joy that Jonny (5 1/2) had when he completed the first of his two math books and started on the second.

Today, I was able to take the kids, at lunchtime, to Daddy's new office and then to the store to pick up candy and other supplies to do the experiments in their science book.

Today, I watched as they all excitedly "sampled" the components (a.k.a. candy) of their model cell.

Today, I saw Matthew fly his new monster truck over his own version of a ramp.  Over and over again.

Today, I witnessed our three older children playing so well together in Emilia's room.

Today, I saw these same three loving on and helping to take care of their one year old brother.

Today, I was able to settle some disputes and put out some fires (thankfully not literal fires).

Today, I was privileged to change some diapers and wipe some tears away.

Today, I enjoyed hugging on, talking with, listening to and leading our kids all day long.

Some Days my thoughts can solely become absorbed with all that is messy, loud, or uncertain.

However, it doesn't need to be this way. 

I pray that in the midst of Some Days, I will dwell instead on the normal wonderfulness that God has given me in days like Today.


Elizabeth said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

what a blessing! yay Matthew! :)

Heidi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply to comment]Best Blogger Templates

Huge blessing!

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