Phases - Napping

My sweet Matthew Bud is 3 1/2.

It seems like each of our children have gone through a phase around this age of kinda, sorta needing naps some of the time and kinda, sorta not needing naps other times.

Matthew is in this phase right now.

Some days it's very evident that he needs a nap (whining and crying A LOT).

Other days, it's very evident that he doesn't need a nap (happy, going with the flow, etc.).

And even other days, it's not really evident that he needs a nap until it's too late (as in, it's a couple hours before bedtime and he's having a meltdown).

It's days like that when it's so good to remind myself that this is just a phase.  It too shall pass.  See?  He's giving me the thumbs up (apparently he just learned that from Emilia who took the picture :) ).  It's gonna be okay!

I've linked up to Raising Olives if you're interested in hearing more about napping!


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